Stacy Boyle

Exclusive Agent

Stacy Boyle - Owner AvatarBorn and raised in Southern California, Stacy attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, then completed her Teaching Credential at the University of Irvine, and her Master’s program at National University in Riverside.

After 20 years of teaching high school math, science and physical education, Stacy relocated to Redlands in 2004 and began her career in the Insurance industry as a financial professional with her husband. In early 2017, Stacy jumped at the opportunity to acquire a successful 37-year insurance agency, and thus began her agency of Your World Insurance Services.

Stacy still enjoys educating others, and does so by helping her clients understand the risks they face and how her agency can help protect them against life’s unexpected harms.

For relaxation, Stacy spends her weekends cooking delicious food, and enjoying the pool with family and friends; or by camping at various lakes with husband and dogs. Stacy also relishes her time in nature with her photography, hiking, and fishing.

As a way to give back to her community, Stacy is a big supporter of our military, police, and fire departments; and is a yearly donor to the Redlands Police Officer Foundation. She also supports the Redlands Animal Shelter through donations, and 4 personal dog adoptions! As a self-made business owner, Stacy firmly believes that every woman should be given the chance to find financial success and independence, and therefore supports the Purple Purse Foundation, and the House of Ruth Shelter for Abused Women.

Susana Avalos
Licensed Insurance Specialist

Susana AvalosOriginally from Downey, California, Susana got her start in the insurance industry by shadowing a Life & Health agent for three months, then working for a broker selling auto policies.

Knowing the hard work that it takes to understand all aspects of insurance, Susana finds it rewarding to continually educate herself and learn new ideas to provide better guidance for her customers.

Susana enjoys learning how to bake and cook in her spare time; and recently became a new homeowner! On weekends, she looks forward to staying in to watch movies with her fiancée, and listening to rap and hip-hop while getting work done to make their new house a cozy home.

Additionally, Susana volunteers her time at The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), an organization which provides entrepreneurship training and education programs to young adults from low-income urban

Maricela Alvarez
Licensed Insurance Specialist

Maricela AlvarezMaricela grew up in Los Angeles and moved to the Inland Empire as she was about to enter middle school. She started in the insurance industry as a relationship banker; then obtained a Life Insurance License in 2012 to recommend annuities to clients looking for retirement options. With a passion for helping others, Maricela enjoys working with clients to uncover their insurance risk exposures and finding solutions to fill in those gaps in coverages. In 2016, Maricela obtained her property and casualty license.

For Maricela, the most exciting part about working in insurance is educating the clients to help them understand their coverages. There are many misconceptions in the insurance world and minimizing risk can get confusing, but Maricela enjoys getting to know clients on a personal level and being able to build relationships with them.

In her free time, Maricela enjoys keeping up with current events around the world and is constantly looking for new things to learn. When she’s not working, you can find her with friends, family or visiting new places. While she is not currently involved with any one organization, Maricela strongly believes in helping those in need with anything she can offer.

Laura Torres
Customer Service Specialist

Laura TorresGrowing up in the city of Victorville, Laura attended the local community college, before transferring to Cal Poly Pomona where she continues to pursue her dreams of becoming a Civil Engineer.

For Laura, the insurance industry has brought an exciting and scary world into perspective knowing that there is always something new to learn; and that with technology and trends, the business is always changing. Laura loves learning new skills and building friendships with her clients. On her days off, Laura spends time with friends and family as well as watching movies when she’s not studying.

In high school, Laura was involved in the “Do Something Club” where she spent her time reading to special needs students, setting up a special Olympics, and their own prom. For two years, Laura volunteered as a high school wrestling coach and helped students with their math homework, which she continued to do throughout her college experience at Victorville Comm. College.

Crystal Garcia
Customer Service Specialist

Crystal GarciaAs Crystal grew-up and spent time in southern CA schools, she thought she might become a dentist. However, when she was first hired for a part time insurance job, she found the insurance industry to be both rewarding and challenging. Her favorite part about her job is searching for the best options to make people happy, because assisting our clients is her top priority.

When she is not spending time with her favorite person, you’ll most likely find her with her family watching shows and movies. Weekends are definitely family time! She enjoys having the whole gang over to her place for food and fun!

R. Ivan Wenzel
Personal Financial Representative

R.Ivan WenzelMr. Wenzel grew up in the southern part of Chile before immigrating to the United States in 1977. He then went on to complete his education at CA State University San Bernardino with a degree in Business.

Mr. Wenzel began his financial career at the CA Franchise Tax Board for four years, then moved into the financial services of the insurance industry in 1988. Since then, Mr. Wenzel has been helping people accomplish their financial goals and dreams while also having a peace of mind that their family’s financial security is safe.

With a passion for history and travel, Mr. Wenzel appreciates the places he visits, and enjoys thinking about the events that have occurred there in the past. He also likes spending a quiet weekend with his wife and pets, or packing up and enjoying a long weekend by the lake.

While not involved in community events, Mr. Wenzel finds fulfillment in being quietly supportive of disadvantaged causes.